My name is

I work with COMMUNICATION and I love getting good results

So I’ve combined the two.

I’m a photographer, photo agent and communication specialist based in Genoa, Italy.

During my missions in developing countries I’ve built my philosophy based on sharing and learning from different cultures.

I focus my research on any expression of Nature and human being, sensitive to injustice and conscious about the fact that change must come from within, through a pic eventually.

Visual communication becomes the bridge linking two different realities and source of enrichment for both of them. The deepest connection and the universal language over boundaries and borders.

On those values I’ve first founded Alter Native Photo, international photo agency focusing on travel and destination photography, and Comunicazione Chiara then, a communication and marketing agency.

I work as photographer, videomaker and art direction for my company’s projects.

Communication and marketing agency

Made in Italy


Beautiful photographs

I felt very comfortable, she is a very serious and professional person. I've got beautiful and high quality photographs. I'd suggest!

Michela Calcagno

I’d suggest to anyone a photographic experience with Chiara

Honestly I’m not an easy person to take picture of. I always find the same expression in any photo of me so I wanted to try a professional shooting experience. The result was excellent! Chiara involved me in a very comfortable way without pushing my personality. We’ve passed some hours with good connection which made possible those shots where I can really see myself in. I’d suggest to anyone a photographic experience with Chiara because she is very passionate, involving, patient and extremely professional! Thanks Chiara for your great job!

Francesca Bergamino