traditional zambian handmade copper bracelet

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By buying this item you are supporting not just me and my work but also local artisans and their communities around the world.

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This kind of bracelets are very popular in Zambia and the copper they are made of comes directly from the Copperbelt region, in the north of the country. It is a beatiful, handmade gift for man and woman, depending on the style.

Copper is an essential mineral, meaning it occurs naturally in the human body, but also in nature. Copper has a signature reddish brown color and is a malleable and soft natural metal.

The fact that copper is highly malleable and eye-catching with its unique red-orange hue, which makes it a great material to use in jewelry. Although copper is currently a popular jewelry metal, it’s been used for millennia. In fact, the first recorded use of copper jewelry dates back to 8th century B.C.

There’s another reason why copper is highly used in jewelry, which is associated to its several health benefits:

1. Joint stiffness and Joint pain
2. Mineral absorption
3. Increasing cardiovascular health
4. Healthier immune system
5. Anti-aging

Will wearing copper make your skin green? Yes. Unfortunately, this is part of the copper jewelry experience. While many assume this is due to low-quality copper, it’s actually a chemical reaction.

When copper mixes with skin sweat, it oxidizes and sometimes leaves a greenish hue on your skin. This is chelated copper which does not absorb into the skin, rather stays behind and leaves a stain. That said, copper stains aren’t permanent and can be washed off with soapy water. In fact, many believe chelated copper to have health, holistic and spiritual benefits.

To minimize copper stains, clean your copper jewelry regular or buy sealed copper jewelry. Sealed copper jewelry is lined with a thin layer which protects your jewelry from tarnishing, and prevents skin discoloration or staining.

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