Colorful african wooden bracelet, handmade with beads.

15.00 inc. Vat

By buying this item you are supporting not just me and my work but also local artisans and their communities around the world.

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Colorful beaded bracelet, big and bold to express an antique african sould represented by a myriad of colors and wood stones.
Completely handmade it features some beautiful and handmade polished wooden beads, which are making this bracelet perfect for women of different ages.
Express your real soul and don’t be afraid of wearing a big, bold and colorful piece. Let the world knowing who you are!

I assure you: each item in this shop is bought by myself personally, mostly of the time, directly from the artisans!
Check other listing in my shop for other more styles and and combinations and please feel free to text me for any question about this or other products listed in my shop.

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