Advanced photo editing

14.00249.00 inc. Vat


This service gives you a full editing through Adobe Lightroom and Adobe photoshop, evaluating each image individually and make the necessary corrections so that your final images look perfect.

Lightroom adjustments:

  • cropping
  • color correction
  • correcting brightness, exposure and contrast,
  • color adjustments – hue, saturation, vibrance and color tint
  • remove moire and color fringing
  • use brushes, radials and gradual filters to correct specific image parts
  • do noise reduction and sharpening

Photoshop adjustments:

  • do healing and spot removal
  • remove unwanted things in the image
  • do basic skin retouching
  • do basic color correction
  • do basic enhancements in photoshop
  • advanced high-end skin retouching is only included in the (professional package only)
  • use the dodge & burn technique (professional package only)
  • background removal (professional package only)

Please note:

  • changing body dimensions and proportions is not included
  • for professionally high-end photo retouching get the professional package

If you need just a basic editing, check the basic editing service.

Do you need a full photo shooting? Get in touch!

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